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クサギカメムシHalyomorpha halys Stål, 1855 ) , 在来

産地:岐阜県東部 ( 2015. 1. )

Brown marmorated stink bug, Native ( in Japan )

Location: East of Gifu Pref. ( Jan. 2015. )





   In this region ( Gifu Pref. Japan ), H. halys gather in warmer place for hibernation. The bugs are often found inside of my room in winter. They are on the backside of the furnitures, and sometimes even walk on the floor. 

   This species was introduced into the U. S. and today it is important as a pest ( Leskey et al. 2012 ) . It is also discovered in Europe ( e.g. Wermelinger et al. 2008, Vétek et al. 2014 ) and other countries.



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